Matthew Strimaitis is pleased to publish another work by Matthew Strimaitis, US-based poet with a self-evident punk sensibility. Enjoy.

Luther’s Creed (Restart)

The Lutheran Doctrine

framed on the chapel door

Read lines from the two shot rambles

You track in pamphlets and shoe snuffed camels

under your feet

Boots, snow and sleet, in Germany

A warm Summer, Miami Beach, in futon sandals


Turning loops at the round-about

I’ll have grown up by the time you see me

peeling dead skin in the nursery

RX agents and optimistic patients,

Framed hopes on the polished floor

Track in notes from the doc’s preamble


I am a drugged up child, the clock strikes

and the first leaper laced with broken lungs and virus pool blood

said “I am a hooker, please help me”

And died away from a family in the hospital streets


Turning loops at the round-about

I hope to hear your sermon

The feeling of it behind me as I’m being directed ahead

Moving along past to one last exhibit

And being hurried a path, leaving behind buried fads

I hope that your sermon’s as clear as their song


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What is punk poetry?

There is no adequate definition for ‘Punk Poetry’, and I’m not inclined to be pedantic in applying one. However, we view it as poetry with a certain punk aesthetic – in other words, poetry that is steeped in the literature of rebellion, or poetry that questions prevailing norms and assumptions. My preference is for poetry that offers alternative social perspectives, that provides astute social commentary, poetry that is intelligent, and above all poetry that does not pander to the cliques that currently publish poetry.

Performance poetry and musical poetry welcome

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We won’t be accepting prose writing at this point – only performance based work that includes recitations or music (providing it fits our preconceptions of the genre), and straight poetry formats.

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