Death is such a beautiful thing

The Punk Poet

Several years ago I started up this blog as a means of building up an online community of punk poets. I have published a few poets in the interim. However, not as much effort has gone into the project as I would have liked. Nonetheless, I have a body of work of my own I have never tried to publish here. From the start, the blog was intended to facilitate both written work and audio work. My work is recorded, to musical accompaniment. And so it’s appropriate I publish it here while re-opening channels for other punk poets to submit work, despite the neglect of recent years.

Here is my first entry – it forms part of a new album released this year, called COVID-19, under my non-de-plume/performance name The Punk Poet. It was the result of COVID-19, and one of the quirkier compositions on the album. It is also quite clearly a song in the bardic tradition, and a piece of punk poetry. I will be releasing more from this and previous albums intermittently, while renewing calls for entries from other writers.

You can find this work and more on my site, on CDBaby, on Amazon, on Spotify, on Youtube – in fact, just google. It’s everywhere.

  1. Death is such a beautiful thing

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